ofGLProgrammableRenderer error on Pi

Trying to compile examples/gl/pointsAsTexturesExample on RasPI 4 (Buster) I’m running into this error which looks like it has come up before in older versions

(I’m running oF 0.11.0)

error: could not convert ‘ofGLProgrammableRenderer::TYPE’ from ‘const string’ {aka ‘const std::__cxx11::basic_string<char>’} to ‘std::shared_ptr<ofBaseRenderer>’

is this expected or normal on PI4?

Searching around on GitHub for any clues, I came across this example with a different way of setting the renderer:

What’s the correct approach here?

more searching on this today…

It appears that alternate way of setting the renderer with ofGLES2Renderer no longer works.

I found a few other threads where people were having this same problem, but they are somewhat old/stale.

Is the following the correct way to do this in oF 0.11.0 ?

If so - what to do about the frame rate dropping significantly as mentioned in this thread?