Offscreen Canvas rendering and Emscripten work with OF

Offscreen canvas rendering OffscreenCanvas — Speed up Your Canvas Operations with a Web Worker and Emscripten work with OF since the gles context changed from egl to webgl (its not in the master branch yet - and I hope I described it right).
Here is an example:
Sadly it does not work with Firefox, because Firefox does not support offscreen canvas (but it should with the about:config flag gfx.offscreencanvas.enabled enabled…), but it seems to need much less cpu load than before.
Another drawback is, that it does not work with AudioWorklet or ScriptProcessorNode or video elements together yet, because they cannot be created in a worker (but sound works with ofSoundPlayer for example, because it does not need AudioWorklet or ScriptProcessorNode). But I guess, they can be transferred, like it is done with the canvas (or created before the worker, I am not sure). Would be absolutely great to have AudioWorklet an offscreen canvas rendering work at the same time…
And it is interesting, that while it works on the desktop like it should, it is king of glitched on the smartphone (but that has nothing to to with the offscreen canvas, but with the game of life shader and the GPU, I guess).