ofFloatImage loadImage error

I want to load exr file via this method img.loadImage(“nyc-small.exr”); .
File nyc-small.exr added in x-code project.
When image load appears issue in this code line:

template<typename PixelType>  
bool ofImage_<PixelType>::loadImage(string fileName){  
	bool bLoadedOk = false;  
	bLoadedOk = ofLoadImage(pixels, fileName);  
	if (bLoadedOk && pixels.isAllocated() && bUseTexture){  
		tex.allocate(pixels.getWidth(), pixels.getHeight(), ofGetGlInternalFormat(pixels)); <--------this line  

What the problem?
Version of openframework is 007.

All code contains in example floatingPointImageExample, i want to run it on iPhone.

For resolving this problem you have to include header file ofxiPhone.h .

Please help me,
I want to make 3D terrain for iOS like there .
How can do this via OF?