ofFile / std::filesystem::canonical failing

Hey there - super weird problem which I need to fix ASAP.

App is 0.9.3, Mac Mini, latest XCode, last OSX. ONLY occurs on the production machine, and ONLY started happening this morning after testing all day yesterday. Works fine on two personal laptops.

App compiles, but throws an exception when trying to check if CSV files on the desktop exist, or any other ofFile open() type of method. Can’t really post a picture but the succession of errors:

0 cxa throw
1 boost::filesystem::detail::canonical…
2 boost::filesystem::canonical…
3 ofToDataPath(…
4 ofFile::open(boost:filesystem…

any reason why suddenly boost can’t access files on the desktop?


  • update
    copied a working copy of the project from laptop to the production machine, and all is well… WHAT could have happened to the project file?