Official Kinect driver

Hi guys,
I just read that an official kinect driver was released with a full spec of the api: (currently under heavy load)

There is only a driver for linux and windows, but the driver gives you full access to the depth, video and audiosensors.

Also there is supossed to be a whole lot of documentation under the url.

the driver is released by prime sense, a company that developed the kinect tgether with microsoft.

The source I got that info from is (unfortunately german)



I just read on another page, that you have access to the NITE Middleware. Information about that can be found here
I seems to me that this a simple way to turn the info into a skeleton model.

site currently works, else this link might come in handy:

well, thanks for the information, but in i see
“# PrimeSense drivers are for the development community to promote Natural Interaction. They are not intended for, and do not work with Kinect.” what does this mean?

it means that they are intended to work out of the box with PrimeSense Sensor, which, as far as I know, sports basically the same hardware that kinect does, but is not MS branded.

In order to use OpenNI and Nite with the kinect you’ll need to install the proper kinect driver: