ofFbo problem in iOS 13


After updating my devices to iOS 13, ofFbo doesn’t work correctly anymore if I leave the app and open it again. I am using the setting “Application does not run in background” -> “NO” inside xCode properties, to allow my app to proceed without restarting everything.

The attached zip contains a simple testcase for the problem. It shows a red, green and blue zone on the display. After reopening the app on iOS 13, only the red zone is displayed, which is drawn before the green zone insde ofFbo is drawn. The blue zone doesn’t show up neither, because it is drawn after the fbo operations. On iOS 12 everything behaves correctly. I tested it for OF 0.10.0 and OF 0.11.0.

I guess there is a problem switching back to the draw on screen after using ofFbo in this scenario.
Thanks in advance for inputs on this issue. (1,8 KB)