ofFbo on Raspberry

Hi all,

I am just trying to port an app from my mac to a Raspberry 3.

Just discovered that ofFbo doesnt work for me. And I am not sure whether this is because ofFbo doesnt work or how I am using it.

Works fine on my Mac.


// I have this function
void ofApp::drawPixel(int x, int y) {
ofSetColor(colour_r, colour_g, colour_b, 255);
ofDrawRectangle(signal, sy, x, y);
//ofDrawRectangle(signal, sy, x, y);

And then this in draw.


It should work soon in the git master and with the next release.
ofFbo is working currently in this branch / PR.

Ah thanks for that Theo,

Do you know if there is an alternative to FBO for layering that would work on the old version?


ofFbo has previously worked. A few things to try

Are you calling drawPixel in update or draw? If update try moving it to draw()
Are you getting just a white texture? You may need up increase your GPU memory allocation

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OMG so simple. Thanks so much guys. I should have known, been caught out with that on video… You have just saved me a load of stress and sweat! Cheers Simon

There’s also this issue with fbos on the pi if the locale hasn’t been set properly