ofFbo on Android with ofMeshes

I’m having trouble with drawing a ofMesh (loaded by ofxAssimpModelLoader) inside a ofFbo on android. It looks like its drawing with GL_DEPTH_TEST off. When running the same code on mac, then it works fine, and the 3d model looks like its supposed. When running on android, it looks exactly the same as if i disable GL_DEPTH_TEST on mac.

Any ideas why this happens? Using 0.9.0 version from github

the fbo is probably missing a depth component by default in gles. you can try to add it explicitly but i think there were some problems in some devices and that’s why it’s disabled by default

Thanks Arturo! Found it, and it works.

For future reference, for other people with this problem. In ofFbo there is a settings object you can pass to allocate. Set useDepth to true.