ofFbo issues in windows (SOLVED!)

i get this issue in windows: there are other OF user that have this issue in windows? Are you interested to solve this?

i have a Sony Vaio VGN-AR51E with a NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT GPU, Windows Vista operative system. And of course i’m using openFramework version 007.

thanks to all for the attention.

by “filing a bug”, joshua meant in the bug tracker on github:

thanks :slight_smile:

Understood.i’ve done it right now.

i solved this problem installing a newer driver for my video card. The problem was that Sony does not release updated drivers for the video card and the nvidia either. but the curious thing is that there are the drivers … you only need to edit the file “nvam.inf” following the procedure described here: , the procedure is good also for Windows vista. I have made this and i don’t encountered troubles or other problems , of Fbo works fine now, i think the problem is definetely solved. Also i report in the github tracker.
Best regards