ofFbo get color

hi, everyone;

i am sending data by dmx from a video as below:

std::vector<uint8_t> artnetData;

r_sky1 = static_cast<unsigned char>(ofMap(player.getPixels().getColor(offXart, offYart).r, 0, 255, mapIn, mapOut);

ofxArtnetMessage m;

but, as I am passing this video inside a cascade of fbos and shaders, would be perfect to getColor from the final Fbo. as I saw, there isnt anything like fbo.getColor(x,y);, but is there any other way i am missing to do it?

thank you!

I would copy the pixels to an ofPixels object, like this:

ofPixels p;

And then you can use the getColor(x,y) function :slight_smile:

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thank you!! working finee