OF'ers in Portugal

i’ve noticed some users here in the forum who are from portugal, and it would be nice to get to know each other.
so if you’re from portugal… who are you? where are you from? and what are you working on?



Hi Rui, my names is José Dinis

i´m working in Lisboa
my site: http://www.interactfields.com

Im a fan oF your work.

Will be great if one we could meet.

Olá José
sent you a pm.

who else is out there?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not from Portugal, but I’m going to be in Faro from the 13th to 27th, at DeVIR/CAPa http://www.devir-capa.com/. I’m going to be doing 3d scanning work with a choreographer, and would love to meet any other OFers!

Hey From Cascais,

I’m Carlos Correia and i do R&D in AR and VR .

I’m developing a solution for Architectural visualizations ( for now),
and other stuff for fun :wink:



Hi Kyle

that sounds really cool, unfortunately faro is a little off for me, but if you come to lisbon let me know, i would be down to get together and have a pineapple sumol.




Bruno from Viseu.
I’m online at http://www.ilikesushi.org.

Hi Bruno,

i see your site and we already meet. I also was in “Prémio Mapa - Arte e Tecnologia” in 2007


http://www.interactfields.com/cms/?page-id=116 - L.E.D. [Live Earth Data]

Its a little world

bernardo from lisbon
my site:


Rui, if I come to Lisbon I’ll definitely stop by :slight_smile:

Hey I’m Sandro From Lisbon ( Loures more precicely) and I have just registred. I’m not a Of user yet but i will soon. i will try and make the transition from processing to OF since i have never programed C.

Hello, I`m Bruno, i am currently working in Leiria wwww.dideia.com, and i am a great fan of the work of Rui Madeira and Rudolfo quintas (witch was my greatest teacher in university). I’m not a programer (did some things in as2) but the thrill of creating interactive contents may give me super powers to understand the basis of openframeworks!


Fiquem bem pessoal! :wink:

Hi everyone, I’m Daniel from Faro. I’m Vj and musician and have been developing a VJ application using OF. I’ve worked as a Researcher on Computer Graphics and Image Processing.

Best Regards.


sweet. quite a few around here.
i’m victor martins. pity i just saw the thread now, you guys should have come to inercia demoparty and nerd out with the people.
keep up and have fun.