ofEasyCam separated viewport for rendering and mouse events

Hi guys,

I try to do something that I can’t achieve :

I’ve got an easycam, rendering inside an fbo, in a viewport set to ofRectangle(0, 0, fbo width, fbo height)

Then, for my UI, I draw the texture of my fbo somewhere in my app window, for example : fbo.draw(300, 200, fbo.getWidth()/2, fbo.getHeight()/2);

I would like to interact with my easycam in the area where the fbo is drawn in UI (300, 200, fbo.getWidth()/2, fbo.getHeight()/2), but it listens mouseevents where the viewport is set up inside the fbo, in the rectangle (0, 0, fbo width, fbo height).

Is there a way in OF to separate the viewport of the easycam and the interaction area listening for mouseevents ?

maybe like this:

have separate cameras pointed at the same scene and only have one of them be an ofCamera/ofEasyCam.