ofEasycam losing mouse control

I am having a problem with easycam losing mouse control on windows. I use a single instance, but sometimes set it’s position from a node and then sometimes revert to the mouse.

I re-initalise the distance and position and disable/enable mouse input each time I switch back and forth, but every now and then I just cannot move it any more with the mouse.

It is quite hard to reproduce, as I am not doing anything fancy with it just sometimes setting position from external parameters and sometimes reverting to the mouse.

I have tried to re-create it but cannot, so it could lie somewhere else in my code. I wanted to check if anyone else has seen this before I put some time into trying to make some tests to reproduce it.


Hi, it sounds strange. can you isolate it? I mean have the minimal amount of code that will produce this behavior?
maybe it has to do with the event handling of ofEasyCam. You can modify the ofEasyCam somehow so you can track its internal state. In particular see if it is receiving mouse events. In particular, check the state of bMouseInputEnabled which should be true and events which should not be null.
let me know how it goes