ofEasyCam and saveXML problem

Hello Forum.

I am using ofxKinect and ofxSimpleGuiToo successfully.

Now I also including ofxOsc (also tried ofxNetwork) but ofxSimpleGuiToo causes a crash. This is connected to xml saving.
I know that for sure, because I set gui.setAutoSave(false) and every time I want to save the gui state manually by clicking on save the app crashes.

Does anyway have an idea why ?

Here is an image of what i think the error comes from.

do you have multiple copies of tiny xml in your app?

there could be mismatches between two versions, maybe?

i’ve seen this when working with ofxOpenNi + ofxXmlSettings.


I searched for tiny and xml in ofxOsc and ofxKinect and nothing came up.

ofxSimpleGuiToo uses ofxXmlSettings.
I am also calling ofxXmlSettings to save some other things to an xml file.

here is the list of the addons i am using:

who would i find out if tiny xml is used and what version ?

thanks again,

hmm it looks like there’s no problem with conflicts, so i would guess it’s something about the actual file.

could it be that you’re missing a data/ directory, so that the addons breaks because it doesn’t have anywhere to save to?

strange, eh ?

yes i do have a data directory.
i am also saving/reading positions of points in a separate xml file, which works fine.
i am also reading other data from a text file, which works fine.

simpleguitoo has no problems ready from the xml at start up.

only now that i started including ofxOsc or ofxNetwork i start getting this problem. When I comments all OSC related code out things work fine.

maybe i will try an other gui addon and see what that does.

again, thanks for you suggestions.