ofDrawCircle & ofDrawSphere?

Hi, noob coming from Processing …

  1. why does ofDrawCircle not result in a smooth circle? seems counter-intuitive?
  2. why does ofDrawSphere result in a smooth circle on the other hand? isn’t a sphere 3D?




  1. it depends on the circle resolution i think, and maybe need to activate smoothing

  2. You probably need to add a light to reveal the volume

Hi there!

  1. Because it depends on the relation between size and circle resolution which, in OF, you have to manage it yourself by calling ofSetCircleResolution. ofEnableSmoothing only works for lines.

  2. It’s the same reason. The default it’s simply higher and the default camera is ortho, so you see a circle. If you enable a light and an easycamera, you’ll get a volume.


Ah ok! Thank you