ofDrawAxis and ofDrawGrid uses different colors for same axis?

Hi, I’m trying to understand the system coordinate and ofDrawAxis and ofDrawGrid are both very useful for that matter.

ofDrawGrid documentation says that Y axis is RED, X axis is GREEN and Z axis is BLUE
But when I use ofDrawAxis axis colors seems not to be the same… Am I suffering 3D misorientation or is there something wrong ?

Which system coordinates openFrameworks uses ? the same as OpenGL ?
+X to my right hand
+Y to the top
+Z in front of me

if you are using a camera:

+ x to the right
+ y to the top
- z in front of you

which is the same as opengl

if you are using the default OF coordinate system without camera

+ x to the right
+ y to the bottom
- z in front of you
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Thanks a lot Arturo !