ofDirectShowPlayer crash with odd-dimensioned media

Hi, this topic is a bit convoluted… sorry in advance!

  1. ofVideoPlayer (Win7 + QTCreator, OF 0.9.3) can’t stream .gif files anymore like it could in 0.8.x. I suppose it’s because in Windows ofVideoPlayer now uses DirectShow, where before it used QuickTime. Actually, DS is supposed to support GIF but it doesn’t in OF… does it work with other videoPlayers except QuickTime?

  2. I did a batch convert from all my GIFs to mp4 using ffmpeg. Now I can open some of them with ofVideoPlayer, but often my app will crash. I’m not 100% sure but I figured out it only happens if the mp4 has at least one odd dimension (something like 500x219). The mp4 itself is ok, I can play it with VLC.

  3. then I tried the ofxGifDecoder addon which works really great (it also gives me the time delta for each frame!), but same problem as 2) - crash with odd dimensions!

As for now, I did a batch convert from all my GIFs to series of PNGs, since ofImage has no trouble with odd dimensions. It’s cumbersome but at least it works.

Is this odd dimension problem a known issue?



Hmm. I don’t think this is a known issue.
It might be good to open an issue on github about it!


ok, will do it!