ofDirectShowPlayer can't load uncommon width/height movies?

I tried to load various width/height movie files using ofDirectShowPlayer on OF090/Win8.1. The format/codec of all movies are same, but an error occurred when I tried to load specific width/height movie.

OK: FullHD
OK: 1,100x1,100
OK: 2,000x2,000
Couldn’t load: 1,050x1,050
Couldn’t load: 1050 × 1154

Movie materials for testing:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/qlf8qxacb2kizml/test-ofdirectshow-size.zip?dl=0 (1.9MB)

When an error occurred, Unable to call GetConnectedMediaType appears on console. I’ve already installed K-LITE codec pack, moreover I could load common sized movie with same format/code with strange sized movie file.

Does ofDirectShowPlayer have some limitation about movie width/height?


Try this patch. This patch is just a quick hack.

The patch works perfectly for my case. Just pushed the hotfix as ofxDirectShowPlayer, in case you don’t want to edit OF core.


Now we have two choices to avoid this problem:

  1. Apllying your patch
  2. Using ofDirectShowPlayer with a proper width/height sized movie file - we found ofDirectShowPlayer can load a movie if the width/height of the movie is divisible by 4.

Thanks @yoggy !

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can you open an issue in github with a link to this post and the patch? thanks!

done: https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/issues/4679