ofDirectory and Network Share

Any way to use ofDirectory with a network share? Trying a directory like “//server/share” gives me an “error opening directory…”. It works on anything local or if I have the drive mapped to a certain drive letter. So if I mapped \server to Z:\ and used Z:\share, it works fine.

I’m using 0071, no addons, on Windows 7 x64. Thanks for any help.

I’m not sure what protocol windows uses for mapped network drives, but it’s going to work out of the box with how ofDirectory is set up. It is TCP/IP but there’s something else to it, I guess it’s SMB http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shared-resource there must be some way to do it, but not sure what that is.

appreciate the response. did you mean it’s not going to work out of the box or it is going to work out of the box?

Using the network protocol, no it’s not. It should always work the way that you have it set up with the drive number though, since the OS handles all the network communication.

I see. I was hoping there was a way without having to map it to a drive letter. I’ll probably just create a similar class with that type of support. Thanks for your help.