ofCvContourFinder::draw suggestions

split draw into two functions:
ofCvContourFinder::draw() // draws the contours
ofCvContourFinder::drawBounds() // draws the bounding boxes

I’d also let you set the color used as sell

ofCvContourFinder::draw( color )

Again, just a slight suggestion that I have changed on mine.

sure thanks -

one option, which we will try to make a write up about is to make a class which extends the contour finder, where you can add your own specific functions to. That way, you can alter the code (adding draw(color) etc) while at the same time not changing the underlying code – that makes distribution much easier, since then people wont have to change code as much.

we can see that this is going to be an important point to stress, because everyone is modding out their code

(but on the flip side we are happy to see everyone modding out their code, it’s cool to watch)

and better to extend, so that someone can easily compile.

thanks for the suggestions, they are very good ideas…

take care!

Yeah when you have time it would be great to know how to extended classes with my own. That way when I upgrade my OFW it won’t break my own projects too.