ofCamera into a shader?

How do I match my ofCamera in openframeworks with my perspective in a shader? I’d like to control my shader perspective with easyCam or with ofCamera. I can’t find anything on this, or at least in lamens. Thanks for the help.

Okay, this is what I got so far. I’m just trying to control my worldMatrix and my perspectiveMatrix directly with ofEasyCam.

In setup.

        // these are the camera settings I want to start with.  
	easyCam.setupPerspective(false, 60, 0.1,17000);  

in Update.

	ofVec3f eye = easyCam.getGlobalPosition();  
	ofVec3f center = ofVec3f(easyCam.getTarget().getPosition());  
        ofVec3f up = easyCam.getOrientationEuler();  
	worldMatrix.makeLookAtViewMatrix(eye, center, up);  
	perspectiveMatrix.set(easyCam.getProjectionMatrix()) ;  
	glUniformMatrix4fv(uWorldMatrix, 1, 0,   worldMatrix.getPtr());  
        glUniformMatrix4fv(uPerspectiveMatrix, 1, 0,   perspectiveMatrix.getPtr());  

It seems to be quirky. EasyCam is controlling it but it doesn’t seem accurate. Any thoughts?

Also, I’ve been printing out my results using

	cout <<"globalPos " << easyCam.getGlobalPosition() << endl;  
	cout <<"Lookat " << ofVec3f(easyCam.getTarget().getPosition()) << endl;  
	cout <<"orientation " << easyCam.getOrientationEuler() << endl;  

at first I’m getting perfect results.
globalPos 0, 0, 500
Lookat 0, 0, 2500
orientation 0, 1, 0

but as soon as I do


my globalPos gets messed up.
globalPos 15.477, 0, 3386.67 <--------
Lookat 0, 0, 2500
orientation 0, 1, 0

I don’t understand what would change after I do easyCam.begin() if I’m not clicking the screen.

Instead of using

easyCam.setupPerspective(false, 60, 0.1,17000);  

I tried adjusting each parameter separately just in case it was something with setupPerspective.


No change. It’s obviously something with my easyCam global position, but what changes after easyCam.begin() and why is my control of easyCam with my mouse messed up? Anybody have the same issue or a solution?

Figured it out with some help from Kris Temmerman. Thanks. Openframeworks very conveniently has access to camera matrixes through getGlobalTransformMatrix and uPerspectiveMatrix which is all a glsl shader needs. Using a pointer to a ofEasyCam myCam from my testApp, this is my code:

glUniformMatrix4fv(uWorldMatrix, 1, 0, ofMatrix4x4::getInverseOf(myCam->getGlobalTransformMatrix()).getPtr());
glUniformMatrix4fv(uPerspectiveMatrix, 1, 0, myCam->getProjectionMatrix().getPtr());

and in the vertex shader simply put:

uniform mat4 worldMatrix;
uniform mat4 perspMatrix;

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