ofCamera.cpp glm error

I’m on osX 10.12.5 using Xcode 8.3.2 using the master branch. I haven’t been able to build openframeworks lately due to errors in ofCamera.cpp…

/Users/xxx/workspace/openFrameworks/libs/openFrameworks/3d/ofCamera.cpp:178:30: No member named 'xyz' in 'glm::tvec4<float, glm::precision::highp>'

Line 178 being:

auto CameraXYZ = CameraXYZ4.xyz() / CameraXYZ4.w;

and the same issue with xyz on lines 206, 213 and 221.

And if I comment those lines out I get issues with xyz elsewhere. Is this a bug or something I’ve done wrong?

It seems my glm library needed to be updated to allow swizzling. All good now.

What version of glm did you have / do you have now?
I’m having the same no member names 'xyz' errors (using the Github version of OF), but there doesn’t same to be a more up to date glm in the Debian repos ( I tried uninstalling the Debian one and overwrite the of/libs/glm with the most recent download ( but no dice.

I was having trouble with the download libs script so ended up getting a version of the latest libs here: http://ci.openframeworks.cc/libs/