ofCamera 3D coordinate - camera and objects' relative position

Hello! I am a pretty new to Openframeworks. I was wondering how you organize your camera and objects’ position. Not like Unity3D or modeling software, we cannot easily see camera and objects’ relative position in Openframeworks. This is confusing to me. I am trying to make camera look at point clouds of Kinect from top (eg. using cam.setPosition(0, 100, 0) and cam.lookAt(ofVec3f(0, 0, 0)) ) but I still can’t get a desirable result after hours trying to adjust the position.
It would be so great if you can share your experience or advice. Thank you!

One thing that might be confusing is that the units in OF are usually in pixels so 100 is still pretty close to the object. The kinect point cloud is usually 640x480 units since that’s the original resolution of the camera so to see the whole scene the camera might need to be at 1000 units from the object or something like that

Also try using ofEasyCam which you can position with the mouse, zoom in out… Then if you want a fixed camera just extract the values from the position and target by printing them to console or showing them in the window and use them to position a fixed ofCamera afterwards.

There’s also addons like https://github.com/NickHardeman/ofxGizmo which can be used to posiition any ofNode (including cameras) in 3d space with an interactive control similar to those found in 3d softwares

Hi @Gim_GM
Along with what arturo suggests you can use this addon I made, ofxCameraSaveLoad for saving and loading cameras.

Thank you very much! I will check it out!