ofBoxPrimitive face color

Hey everybody,

Does somebody know why the colors are not shown on every face?
I add the following code of an box primitive to the draw method the following way:

geometry = ofBoxPrimitive();
geometry.set(size, size, size, segments, segments, segments);
geometry.setPosition(pos.x, pos.y, pos.z);

geometry.setSideColor(geometry.SIDE_FRONT, ofColor::red);
geometry.setSideColor(geometry.SIDE_LEFT, ofColor::red);
geometry.setSideColor(geometry.SIDE_RIGHT, ofColor::red);
geometry.setSideColor(geometry.SIDE_TOP, ofColor::red);
geometry.setSideColor(geometry.SIDE_BACK, ofColor::red);
geometry.setSideColor(geometry.SIDE_BOTTOM, ofColor::red);


It is just an test so please don’t mind about performance… Unfortunately the Box is not full colored… In fact I want to select single faces/sides from the cube and change the color of it but Im unable to do it… Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

There is an open PR by @NickHardeman, which i think is tackling the issue, you’re talking about.