ofBackgroundGradient not found

I am just starting up on OpenFrameworks. Under first steps in the tutorial and under ‘Steps to your first particle system’, there is mention of ofBackgroundGradient, but when i use it in my code it complains that it is not found. What is the issue here ?


Any help is much appreciated, thanks in advance…

I believe that functionality is only on the develop branch of OF. If you comment it out, you should be fine.

Thanks Nick!

What is the developer branch? how do i get it? This is not an issue, i just wanted to know where it could be, I am able to try the code with commenting this. But, seems this method produces cool gradients…

The dev branch is on git here: https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/tree/develop
But keep in mind that it is currently under development and changes regularly.