ofBackground problem


I have following problem (see pictures below).
The first one has ofBackground(0, 0, 0). I would like to change that.
But when I do ofBackground(0, 0, 100) I get the second image. Does anyone now where these blue rectangles come from? I would be nice to change the entire background to a different colour.
ofBackground is set first in the ofdraw() function. Then I draw all the images to the screen.

Any ideas? :slight_smile:



Hi Maedd,

I think you are using the ofBackground right :
picture 1 has the background black because you set it to black, and blue on the second one blue…

You probably want to use some rectangles to maybe cover the outline of the images?
in this case you can try ofDrawRectangle , and use the size of each image to draw each rectangle.
( at least that’s what I would do).

Hope it helps,



Hey, that makes sense! I solved it! Thank you!