ofArduino support for Arduino Due


Trying to get ofArduino working w/ the Arduino Due, which has 52 pins… It has the StandardFirmata installed on it but digital pins beyond 13 don’t seem to work. I peeked into the ofArduino class where total pins is defined as 22 but just changing the number there doesn’t seem to fix the issue either -> anyone faced this issue/have a fix for this?

Replaced the ofArduino.h and cpp files with the ones on GitHub which seem to be newer and getting this error (file below).

I’m gonna try with the full nightly build next…

UPDATE: The nightly doesn’t have the new ofArduino.h/cpp file that’s on the GitHub (and the old one doesn’t support the Due -> maxes out at pin 22)… and the GitHub Arduino files seem to crash… any ideas? :sweat:

Sorry sometimes these fall through the cracks. I can’t really see the error thats happening though and I realize this was so long ago that you might have trouble recreating it.