ofArduino - Sending and reading failure

Hello everyone,

I am having some trouble with sending/reading data with my Arduino Duemilanove (similar to Arduino uno board). I noticed connecting to oF works, but sending/reading failed So I broke it all down to the simple LED test, but even that doesn’t work:

oF application version: 0062

in void:setup:

// (ofArduino ard has been declared in .h file)  
ard.connect("/dev/tty.usbserial-A9007TJ0", 9600);  
ard.sendDigitalPinMode(13, ARD_OUTPUT);  

in void:keypressed

	if (key=='a'){  
		ard.sendDigital(13, ARD_HIGH);  

I think this should be fine- Does anyone know why the sending/reading from pins may not succeed?

  • Vinesh

The default speed of the firmata library that you’ve loaded onto the Arduino is 57600, not 9600. You can also check the firmata on your Arduino using the firmata_test app here: http://firmata.org/wiki/Main-Page