ofAppGLFWWindow in Ubuntu 11.04 to use with PandaboardES

Hi to all, I’m using ofAppGLFWWindow in OF 007 with Ubuntu 11.04 ,grabbed from here: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/multisampling-ubuntu/2483/0 . Of course i added ofAppGLFWWindow.cpp and ofAppGLFWWindow.h to my /home/walter/openframeworks007/libs/openFrameworks/app and main.cpp to my app/src folder . I have had this issue that i’m going to explain that i solved. I have had no errors from compiler but i received sementation fault. gDEBugger point me to line 128 of ofAppGLFWWindow.cpp:


uncommenting this line solved the issue. I leave this info as a reference. I started to use GLFW because i’m going to develop an app for my PandaboardES. As i know reading from other post in the forum window glut can’t be used. Someone can confirm me this info? What other possiblities for window display easy to use at the moment for PandaboardES or Pandaboard?