ofApp, where are you?

Hello everyone

I’m trying to run the ofBlobsManager example and I’m getting two of this error.


error: File ‘/home/gil/of_v0.9.3_linux64_release/apps/myAddonsExamples/ofxBlobsManager_openvc/src/ofApp.cpp’ does not exist.

Which is comprehensible as ofApp is not there.

The question is very simple: where it is?
The answer for that it may will clarify what I’m doing wrong. Maybe the example is living in the wrong place?

I’m using QT Creator in Linux Ubuntu b.t.w.
Still trying to understand the most basics.

thank you all

best regards,

Looks like the example has no ofApp but a testApp.cpp and testApp.h file.

Just rename them to ofApp or change the names in your qt creator project.

OK, I got it. I thought testApp was something specific.

thanks again Underdoeg

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