OfAndroid + Android Studio

Hi everyone,

I had some trouble to run a new project on my device. I try to run, androidEmptyExample, it works perfectly. I work on OSX 10.10 and AndroidStudio ( I set android studio with https://github.com/nneonneo/openFrameworks-AndroidStudio )

So I clone this repository and rename it to start a new clean project. Before run it, I change the name in srcJava ( folder and Activity ), in the AndroidManifest.xml and finaly in res/value/strings.xml

Then I write some simple code, like: change background color, draw a circle or display an image. it compiles with no errors, application starts on device but nothing append. It still a gray background like the androidEmptyExample.

My device Is a nexus 4, I check with android file transfert, application’s folders are correctly created on the device.

I might be doing something wrong but i can’t figure out what ?

Ty for Reading,