ofAddListener() Error that makes me restarting my computer all the time...


I began to use Listener with the OFxbox2D addon and I probably use them in a wrong way because I often meet this error:

Couldn’t register emptyExample with the bootstrap server. Error: unknown error code.
This generally means that another instance of this process was already running or is hung in the debugger.sharedlibrary apply-load-rules all

It this pointing to this line:
**UIApplicationMain(nil, nil, nil, @“ofxiPhoneAppDelegate”); // this will run the infinite loop checking all events

It makes impossible to run the app in the simulator, restarting Xcode and Simulator is not enough as I need to restart my computer to make it working again…

This is quite annoying… :frowning:
Any ideas ?


this is unlikely to be an issue with your code but more likely with xcode.
ive had this issue come up a couple times and had to restart my iphone, clean my xcode project and rebuild.

there are a few posts about this issue online but only tell you how to fix it, not prevent it.

Hi, thanks for this information about this issue. According to it, this problem may happen when a processing is not properly killed by Xcode… (I think for my it was a Listener )

By chance, I did not have this errors anymore, I don’t know why…
I keep the post open in case I will have to deal with this error again !