OF11 windows 10 videos


I’m trying to run the ofVideoPlayer example on a Windows 10 PC and I’m having problems in runtime.

Without installing the K-lite 12.1.0 full or the latest 16.4.0, I get the following runtime error:
“Error occured while playing or pausing or opening the file”

After installing k-Lite 12.1.0 as suggested in other treads, I get the following runtime error:
“failed to find the video renderer”

In both cases the app runs but shows a black screen where the video was supposed to be.

What’s the catch here? What am I missing ?

Thanks for your help.

Yep, me too. Been trying different DirectShow installers, still none of them works. Video still doesn’t render.

i am not windows user, but can you give more details on the video you are using? container, encoding, dimensions, …
have you tried other videos? are you running the app in release or debug?


I tried multiple videos of several formats and sizes (mp4, mov, avi) and I did try with debug and release compiles.

I also can play movies everywhere else (media player, vlc, Max, Processing, etc.)

I also tried it in Of.10.0.0 and I get the same error.

Thanks for the help.

That sounds like codecs are not installing ok

I followed the installations instructions and everything seems to be OK, got no errors.

Any tips ?