oF007 Master Glut issues


I’m getting those error when compiling an ‘old’ project with oF007 (github master from ~1month ago). I’m on osx with xCode 3.2.6

You can this issue when using this addon - https://github.com/smallfly/ofxTwBar

Any info would be really great.



I just forked and sent a pull request, nothing huge. It’s just this line:

#include <GLUT/GLUT.h>  

in ofTwBar.h. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with. Great work btw.



I had tried that (to include glut.h) but this was giving me an other error. So I thought this was not the solution.
But I had in fact also forgotten to update the ‘Run Script’ in order to copy the .dylib in the compiled app.

Thanks also for the cleaning :wink: