OF0.9.8 macOS Poco/AtomicCounter.h missing files

I downloaded the OSX version from the website.

I followed the Xcode setup instructions from the website too.
But I cant run the examples.

'Poco/AtomicCounter.h' file not found
I dont think Poco is in my libs folder anyway. Is this OF package broken ?
I’ve read somewhere that I need to run a download_script or something, but why is this not part of the Xcode Setup Tutorial ? I’m confused

FYI… I did run the ‘download_libs.sh’ that I got manually from the github.
I noticed that before running that script ‘poco’ folder was in /libs.
After running the script… it got moved to addons/ofxPoco

This is how my folders look now.

I still get the error from the previous post anyway.