OF0.8.0 projectGenerator error?!

When I run projectGenerator, it couldn’t make file ofxiOS_Prefix.pch,ofxiOS-Info.plist.
Also error on template. It need change ‘ofxiOS’ to ‘ofxiOSApp’.

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thanks - I think the project generator that we put up today was out of date.

We should have new zips of OF up online shortly which feature the newer PG. Can you try this one out and see if helps fix these problems?


Thx~It perfectly work!

Hi Zach,

PG does not work for Visual Studio too, since the path of template in 0.8.0 is “of_v0.8.0_vs_release\scripts*vs*\template”, but PG is trying to copy “of_v0.8.0_vs_release\scripts*vs2010*\template”

Indeed, I can confirm that the projectgenerator does not work for VS.
Had a look at the projectgenerator project, but ironically I couldn’t get it to compile in VS2012 :\
Any update forthcoming ?

again the original zips were out of date and we re-uploaded them with correct project generators. can you try downloading 0.8 again? @Hightree did you try compiling this? https://github.com/ofZach/projectGeneratorSimple/

Merci, downloading the new zip worked great.

Why wasn’t the version number changed ?
If the version number had been different I’d have gotten myself the latest and the problem would have been fixed.

yes we’ve decided for the next release to do release candidates, since there’s usually packaging issues like this that get resolved the first few days after a release – it’s not necessarily a new version but just an error with the automation, etc.

Gotcha, thanks for clarifying that

I’m trying to use Project Generator but I’m not able to use build and run the project generated.
XCode give to me two Issues:
In testApp.h at the line

class testApp : public ofxiOS{

expected class name

and in main.mm at the line:

ofRunApp(new testApp());

no matching fuction for call to “ofRunApp”

What Have I to do to solve these issues ?

I fixed !
I change (in testApp.h)

class testApp : public ofxiOS{


class testApp : public ofxiOSApp{

Now I’m able to build and run

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You can change this for all generated projects by fixing it in the /scripts/ios/templates directory…

You can also set up your own custom loading screen and icons there.