OF WxWidget ?

Hi all,

i am looking for an UI to use with OF, i am looking for an UI not to be rendered in OF main window, but an UI that launch a seperate window that could be use to parameter visualisation in OF window.

i tryed unsuccefully to launch OF inside an wxWidget App, or wxWidget inside OF App but this is beside my capabilities

anyone could submit an idear or a solution ?
Thanks all

Maybe this is not so professional than wxWidgets, GTK or QT but for me it works and is really easy to use :


thanks Bernard, your works valuable.
i’l try this; few years ago i used this UI for other openGL stuff, unfortunatly this API is not enought , i need to make some own widget , including som ecolor pickers and other stuff.


so i am going to continue porting OF classes inside wxWidget , depending on functionnalities i need .

thanks all

My solution for this problem was to define the app as a subclass of wxApp and ofThread. I made the threaded function enter the wx message loop. Basically I was writing as if it was a DLL (docs on this are in their wiki) but was rather just another thread.

I also based the app a function pointer to an accessor so my threads could talk. It was not easy, but it seems to work great… except wx on my macbook doesn’t seem to work no matter what config I use. It crashes frequently inside the wx core during initialization.

Good luck.

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