OF WWDC in Detroit, Feb 20-27

In the same spirit of the developers conference we had at CMU, we’ve been invited by the Ford Foundation to host another conference in Detroit this february. The main goal for this developers conference will be to focus on documentation, tutorials and examples - trying to find better entry points for beginners, more advanced users, teachers, etc. The conference will be a chance to develop examples to truly show off what is possible in OF as well a chance to discuss the roadmap for the next few OF releases.

We’ll have an official call out shortly (through the forum and the mailing list), but if you have questions about this event or are interested in learning more about it, please feel free to jump on this forum thread.


Sounds great. Hopefully this grows into a users conference someday.

I’d really like to be present there.
Zach, please post soon more details, as to be able to get the money to travel.


This sounds excellent. I would be a good guinea pig for the tutorials. :slight_smile:

This sounds interesting and I would very much be interested in attending. Is there a price for admission? What is the itinerary?

any news about this???
I’m really interested and I need to organize my self plus gather the needed money.

Best Regards!

I would love to go, It’s only a 5 hour drive from Buffalo!

Super Interesting!

More info in order to know how to get there, could be awesome

Sounds great! Send me more info.

here’s a form to fill out:


hope to see you in Detroit !


Thanks Zach!!

thanks zach!

is there any chance for this to be streamed on the web for those that can’t make the dates?

Detroit, my hometown! :slight_smile: Yes, a video of this conference would be nice if possible (last day, I know, just reading this now…enjoying the cold weather there Zach?! ;))

Finally something in Detroit. this is amazing news. only 3 hours from me, I am definitely there.

hey lukasz, this was from the 2012 dev con

@lukasz, this was last year. 2012.