OF workshop -- Raspberry Pi + OpenFrameworks

Learn the basics of running openFrameworks on the Raspberry Pi! In this small workshop, participants will create a simple OF app that lets the Pis talk over a network. We’ll briefly go through the steps of setting up the Pi, learn how to compile projects, and talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the Pi as a platform for running openFrameworks. What types of projects are well suited to running OF on the RPi? Finally, we’ll install and customize a small skeleton application that can send, receive, and react to OSC messages, demonstrating how multiple Pis might be used together in a project. In the process, we’ll touch on a number of topics — shaders, video and image processing, sensors, and more!

Participants are required to bring a Raspberry Pi, SD card, power supply, and usb-wifi card for networking. We’ll have 5 screens and 5 keyboards to plug the Pis into, but if you have a small screen or keyboard, please bring them — the more the merrier.

RSVP: http://www.meetup.com/openFrameworks/events/180121052/

Jonathan Dahan

Jonathan Wohl