oF Workshop – oF and Spacebrew

In this workshop, we will learn how to use Spacebrew with openFrameworks, and how to use Spacebrew to control an Arduino board.

Spacebrew is an open, dynamically re-routable software toolkit for choreographing interactive spaces. Or, in other words, a simple way to connect interactive things to one another. With Spacebrew, you could easily sending data between two computers and control projects with a distance. Spacebrew bridges the gap between the physical and virtual, making it easy for things from both worlds to talk to each other.

openFrameworks and Spacebrew Workshop will be hosted in oF COURSE at 2PM Sep. 21st 2014.

P.S. To join this workshop, a Macbook and an Arduino are required. We may bring some Arduino, but they will be not enough for everyone.

Please call Paul to get in: 917-251-7790

Instructor: Jean Zhao

Jean Zhao, an artist, animator and educator who graduated from Parsons’ The New School for Design, Design and Technology program. Interested in interactive design, Bio-art and human senses. Her work always strives to connect disparate technologies. She has previously organized several workshops in Parsons and the New York Hall of Science, and is also working on translating openFrameworks tutorials into Chinese.

Awesome! Let me know if you’d like any help! (I’m on the spacebrew team )
Definitely recommend either a) setting up your own server on amazon/digital ocean/etc or b) running a server locally.

The sandbox can usually hang but if anything goes wrong with it you’re stuck!