Of working on rockchip boards


I was able to make oF works in rockchip boards with mali gpu driver with minor changes using EGL window, i dont know if this interest someone but maybe will be cool to make it part of oF release to get more sbc compatibles.

i tested a 3288 model but will test soon other that support rockchip inference engine so can get neural models accelerated on those boards, what is cool imo


I was looking at RISC-V boards earlier this year, and the BeagleV in particular (which I don’t think is available just yet), and wondering if I could get oF to run on it someday. I’m always glad to see oF running on new and different hardware. Fun!

:frowning: just discovered ofFbo do not render ok… i just get a black area.

Anyone knows how can i debug that? i get no errors… only black area

Maybe is because support is opengl ES 1.0 ?

Funny is that putting in verbose i get
ofFbo GL framebuffer object supported

Ok, i got fbo working but i need to render binding texture to a plane or with a shader… but it works

Hey so what did you do to get ofFbo working? I’m just curious, plus your comments may help others in the future. Glad you’re making progress!

im still making progress, now i can also have glfw window that is cool.

In fbo basically draw part do not work so i get the texture reference and bind to plane but render inverted so i used a shader to flip… is very hacky i need to figure what is the problem exactly when draw to fix

Will do a full comment here of changes need to make it work once im happy with result

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