oF workgroup + code nights at hangar (barcelona)


We are going to make this two new projects at Hangar.

First an oF work group where people can come with their projects, more or less developed, ideas or just to see what’s happening there or what’s that openframeworks thing about.

It’s going to be every Thursday since October 9 till March from 7 to 9 pm.

I’m going to be there helping people and the idea is that everyone can meet, collaborate, solve their doubts about openframeworks…

Apart from that, jesus, nina, eloi, didi, and i (do i forgot someone?) have been thinking about making some kind of meetings, once a month. Pedro from hangar has proposed something we think is really nice:

The code nights. The idea is to present two or three coding ideas, not necessarily whole projects but also that piece of code you’re really proud of, that smart solution to some problem that has avoided so many lines of code. And of course the practical application of that.

Although it can seem very code oriented, one of the things we are interested in, is in making it really opened so non programmers curious about it in some way, are more than welcomed, we think it can be really interesting to see what can be done with code, and how, for non coding people. Also we are really interested in their feedback.

There will be beer and food also, the dates are not already decided but I’ll post whenever we know more.

see u there!

excellent! I will try to come visit some weekend. We are starting some OF at Medialab-Prado as well. Perhaps we can have an exchange some week! :slight_smile:



I will pass some info to my friends.



This is great. Me and a couple of the LCD guys will drop by hangar next thursday (23 October) for some OF hacking fun :slight_smile:


oh! i’m not going to be in barcelona the next week so at first the oF thing at hangar won’t be this thursday. I’m arriving on saturday so if you are still here perhaps we can meet.

Also if the people in the group (we’re now 10 more or less) decide to go, although i’m not there, i’ll tell you…

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