OF with CodeBlocks on x64 Windows

I recently tried to get something I developed with OF on a Linux box to work on Windows.

It worked, but performance is pretty terrible, even though I’m on a faster machine with similar per-core GHz. Since I couldn’t find a different reason I suspect that it might help to compile with a modern toolchain (i.e 64 bit).

After installing mingw for 64 bit and setting up the compiler, my problem now is that I need the dependencies (strmbase and the like) from the addons package for OF with CodeBlocks on Windows. Is there an x64 version of those somewhere?

Also, is there a way to run OF 0.8.4 with Visual Studio 2013?

I have now tried Liquidzym’s version, which gave me a better framerate. I would still be interested in a Code::Block-only solution, of course.