oF window within wxWidgets application?

Hello all,
I have a question which I did not find quite the answer I needed; some threads in the forum on related topics are very old, some questions did not get an answer. So I am looking for a recent answer on my question. Nevertheless please point me to a thread if it was in fact already answered and i overlooked it :slight_smile:.

I want to build a windowed application with a “classic UI”, i.e. some buttons and possibly some controls to change parameters. The program logic is supposed to be pure C++. And finally some output of data resulting from the program logic (some time series, bar plots, maybe age pyramids, i.e. some data visualisation; in addition output of 2D graphics based on grid-based data (similar to e.g. a cellular automaton)).

The idea was to construct the output using openFrameworks. However, for the “standard GUI” using buttons etc. I would need a separate library, for which I am thinking about using wxWidgets.

For me, the following question arises:

Would it be possible - without much extra effort - to plug >=1 openFrameworks window(s) into a wxWidgets application? I read about an ofxwxWidgets plugin, but this has not been updated in the last 5 years.

Thanks :slight_smile: