OF_WARNING: No camera settings to load

Hi there,
I get this message printed out on my console when running an app that calls “initGrabber”:

OF_WARNING: No camera settings to load

The app runs without further problems, but I would like to know what this warning is about and if it means I could run into problems in the future.
Yeah I’m one of those that don’t want warning messages in my code hehehe

I have searched the forum and googled for more information but couldn’t find others mentioning it.

I’m on a MacBook Pro from summer 2007 running leopard with the latest updates, using the latest version of xcode. I’m using openframeworks 0.06 with the opencv addon and the built-in isight.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Bumping this… still not having solved the problem. Really not anyone else experiencing this problem?

Also when calling listDevices() on my framegrabber object it prints nothing out on the console.

I really need to get this to work as I have to use two cameras… is no one else experiencing these problems?

figured out how to get the devices listed… in the header file ofConstants.h at line 202 i changed

This results in a lot of info getting dumped into the console, but I don’t mind it when debugging anyhow.

So no problem with the device listing anymore, although still get the warning no setting to load for both webcams (the built-in isight and a logitech quickcam pro 9000).

I have iGlasses installed, any of you guys know if this can mess things up?


you shouldn’t need to modify ofConstants, this is indeed a bug as it should print the devices no matter what the log level is. anyway to change the log level you can just do:


before calling listDevices, and then call it again with:


after the call to listDevices to deactivate the verbose output

oh nice tip :wink: thx mate!