Of v0.8.4 kinect body mask and hand tracking

Why is it so (incredible) hard to find a good working example of body segmentation (masking) and hand tracking with kinect and opencv? If you know something or have anything handy, can you point me to the right direction?

Many thanks,

You get masking for free with the Kinect 2 SDK which Elliot Woods has built here: https://github.com/elliotwoods/ofxKinectForWindows2

Hand-tracking is also pretty easy with the new Kinect and the Kinect SDK.

Does it work with Kinect 1? Couldn’t buy Kinect 2, because there is no adapter where i live.

(Actually there is a hack which i’m pretty sure that i will blow kinect if i try this, hope it helps someone: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25952296/how-to-connect-kinect-2-for-xbox-one-with-pc)

I’m on a mac, should i install windows?


If you want to use the Microsoft SDK (which I’d recommend) the you have to install windows. I know that the Kinect for Windows V1 does player-masking and hand-tracking. I’m not sure where Elliots ofxKinect4Windows went but that supported the whole MS SDK.

Thank you Joshua, will try to figure out something.