of_v0.8.1 crashing with VS2012

I just installed VS2012 and so far Im having two problems everytime time a run an example VS2012 crash and restart again and again, and the other one is the project generator that also crash eveytime I want to add an addon to the project. Can someone help me with this?? Thx.

Can you provide any more info?

What is the path to the folder where you are compiling OF?
Are you able to run the example apps from outside VS?


The path where Im compiling is D:\of_v0.8.1 and I cant run any example.

can you update your Graphics cards and then try again?

try running an empty example , also unlink the icon of OF from your link settings and compile the empty example again


is it possible to paste any error messages you are getting?
Messages in the console or in VS?

Did you install VS 2012 Express via: http://openframeworks.cc/setup/vs/
Are you definitely using VS 2102 ?

Sorry for all the questions - trying to narrow it down a bit.


Yes I did install that exact same version plus update 1 (cause at the beginnig the program said that solution its from a newer version), after I installed the update this is what is showing me ever since. I´ve unistalled and installed again many times but the problem persist. I also have VS2010 ultimate installed in my computer do you think it can be a cause of the problem?

Thank you very much for your help I already fix it, the problem was of my VS2012 (Administrator privilege) and not with the openFrameworks.

Great to hear - was struggling to figure out the issue as it looked like you did everything right on your end!