Of_v0.10.0 ofxGui - ofParameter<ofVec2f/ofVec3f> not working?

Looks like examples/gui/guiExample works but examples/gui/parameterGroupExample doesn’t.

[warning] ofxBaseGroup; no control for parameter of type 11ofParameterI7ofVec2fE

Issue is when trying to make an ofParameterGroup and adding ofParameter (using ofVec2f or ofVec3f). ofxVec2Slider/ofVec3Slider works but when you’re grouping things with ofParameterGroup it doesn’t. Is this happening to anyone else?

(using OSX build v0.10.0) @arturo

I am on osx too, with OF 0.10 release. Both examples are working to me.

PS, there is no ofxBaseGroup in parameterGroupExample

@edapx - Both examples work for me too - but look at the error log for parameterGroupExample?

In parameterGroupExample you should be seeing position (ofVec2f) sliders for each circle. Not just size, number, and color.

Oh, I did not noticed that.

It works if you change:

ofParameter<ofVec2f> position;


ofParameter<glm::vec2> position;

and in ofApp.cpp


Yahtzee! :tada:

I’m still getting used to v0.10.0 and transitioning everything to glm::vec2/3. So didn’t even think to try that. Thanks so much @edapx!

Happy to help :wink: the transition it is almost straight forward.

Have a look at this page

Yea read that awhile back, but was migrated a project from v0.9.8 to v0.10.0 and had lingering ofVec2fs but turns out the parameterGroupExample had the same issue haha so got confused. Thanks again!