[of-users] How can i find and read methods of an addon ?

Hi list,
I use openframeworks with codeblocks under a Deb linux system.
I was reading about ofxSimpleguitoo and i find some great and useful examples but i didn’t find any reference or documentation.
SimpleGUI Currently exposes the following methods, as well as an open addControl method where any Class definition can be passed:

addColumn: Starts a new column of components
addGroup: Starts a new group of components
addLabel: Adds a TextField for labels or instructions
addToggle: Adds a CheckBox for Boolean values
addButton: Adds a PushButton for triggering callbacks
addSlider: Creates a slider for numerical values
addRange: Creates a range slider for two numerical values
addStepper: An alternative component to the slider for numbers
addColour: Adds a colour picker for integers
addComboBox: Adds a ComboBox box for any object
addFileChooser: Allow the user to load in data
addSaveButton: This triggers the save method for generating code

Other features include:

HotKey: Assign a hot key for showing / hiding the GUI
Context Menu: Toggle the GUI from a context menu item
Message: Pulse a message to the user in the toolbar
Show Toggle: Display a toggle when the GUI is hidden
Save Settings: Generate AS3 code to commit your current values
Thank you.

Addons may have different approaches to documentation, or no external documentation at all. The most dependable source of documentation for most addons will be the example(s), followed by the header files. For example, the header-for-ofxSimpleGuiToo.h shows many of the functions you can call, along with inline comments explaining what some of them do.

Thank you very much admsyn.