Hey all, i try to compile an old project with a lot of ofVe2f.
when i set OF_USE_LEGACY_VECTOR_MATH to 1 i get a lot of error messages Shell Script Invocation Error Group like:
'reference' is a protected member of 'std::__1::__deque_base<ofVec3f, std::__1::allocator<ofVec3f> >'

this also happens with an empty project fresh from project generator and also with clean and build again.
what am i doing wrong?

thanks for any hint!

p.s. i am on macOs 10.14.6 and XCode 11.1

what version of openframeworks are you using?

hi arturo
i am on 10.1_osx_release but i testet it also on of_v20191118_osx_release nightly build.
just to be sure, the constants.h is in libs>openFrameworks>utils?

yes, that sounds like a bug, can you open an issue on github?

here is the bugreport: